Wishbone Bike 3-in-1 Recycled Edition Black

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  • $319.00
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Wishbone bike converts from a Trike to Balance Bike, and grows in height with your child.

Wishbone bike starts at 12 months with three wheels, helping babies to walk and then ride. Lightweight and super-stable. 

Later, it converts to two-wheels for a pedal-less balance bike. Raise the seat and flip the frame to transform Wishbone Bike into one of the largest balance bikes on the market. Suitable for kids from 12 months - 5 years. 

The recycled edition is made from 100% recycled plastic for mazimum durability and is designed using an innovative new frame system. 

We use pre-loved residential carpet, collected from home-owners in the United States, shaved to remove the backing, and shredded. Our recycler adds glass fibre for strength.