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Quut Triplet Shovel / Rake Lagoon Green

Quut Triplet Shovel / Rake Lagoon Green

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The Triplet is a unique, multifunctional toy that is easy and fun to use.

It's part shovel, to help kids dig holes, build foundations and carve out moats.

It's part sand sifter, to help remove shells and other sediment, for smooth, shapeable sand.

It's part rake, to let kids create extra designs. The hollow handle can even be used as water funnel to finish off the coolest sandcastles ever with sand art!

Your child will love the Triplet we wish we'd had one when we were kids! 

The best part? Quut won't go brittle in the sun, meaning you'll get years of fun out of a single piece. 

Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 22cm.

Made from ABS plastic and conforming to NZ toy safety and chemical standards. 

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