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Quut Scoppi Spade Blue

Quut Scoppi Spade Blue

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The Scoppi immediately attracts the eye with its exciting, iconic design. Kids will love it as they use both their hands and their feet to move sand around the beach with ease. It even comes with a smart detachable sand sifter that will double the fun as they build forts, moats and castles... We bet theyll bury you up to your toes in no time!

The Magic Shapers are a revolutionary improvement to a classic toy. No more filling and flipping sand. To fill, move the shaper around as it fills itself! Then just give it a little tap, lift and magic the shape is done. And your shapers will work their magic with snow or bath bubbles too!

The best part? Quut won't go brittle in the sun, meaning you'll get years of fun out of a single piece. 

Dimensions: 65.5 x 16.5 x 2.7cm

Made from ABS plastic and conforming to NZ toy safety and chemical standards. 

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