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Petite Eats

Petite Eats Kids Safety Knife Coral

Petite Eats Kids Safety Knife Coral

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The safety knives have been specifically designed for little hands learning to take part in the kitchen. Made from BPA free plastic, they have a blunt tip and ergonomic handle with a silicone non-slip grip. What makes these knives truly special is the serrated edge which requires a gentle sawing motion to cut through food - not little fingers.

Petite Eats suggest starting with soft fruit and vegetables to get used to the sawing motion and advise using a non-slip chopping board our one of our silicone baking mats underneath to make it easier for your little one. 


  • BPA free and non-toxic
  • Blunt Tip
  • Ergonomic handle with silicone grip
  • Serrated edge
  • Dishwasher safe

Care: Dishwasher safe. Please wash before first use and discard at the first sign of wear or tear. 

Warning: Always supervise children while using our safety knives. Recommended for ages 4years + but younger children can use them - just use parent discretion as you know your little ones best and when they might be ready to use them.

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