• Burrow & Be Zaria Pixie Doll
  • Burrow & Be Zaria Pixie Doll
  • Burrow & Be Zaria Pixie Doll

Burrow & Be Zaria Pixie Doll

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Zaria is an Elda, wise in the knowledge of the wind.  She knows the medicinal properties of the plants around her, and can communicate with the animals. She is caring and watches over her tribe.  The other pixies look up to Zaria as she is kind, gentle and wise.  

Zaria wears a cape handed down the Elda generations, earned when she learned the whispers of the wind.

In person she is made from and clothed in organic cotton, with a polyester filling.  But to your childs' imagination, she is made from magic.

Zaria has been designed by Catherine and made by a team of talented doll makers in India 

The inspiration behind the Zephyr Collection dolls was the moody and often mystical feeling the "West Wind" conjours on Autumn days.  The low sunlight that sprinkles through the leafless trees, or the wind that carries the dry, rich coloured leaves afar. The rustling of the leaves as though something, or someone, is moving through them.  Catherine's favourite childhood book was all about fairies, pixies and whimisical forest creatures.  

Measures 48cm long