Addison Nixie Breastfeeding Tee (Last Size 6)

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The Nixie tee is a loose style tee with black/white stripes and floral sleeves.

This breastfeeding tee is designed to be worn both during and after pregnancy. 

The breastfeeding option has a discrete flap at the front of the tee which lifts up to allow for easy breastfeeding access. Minimal breast is exposed which means you can feed anywhere with confidence. Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The good quality fabric means that the dress is comfortable to wear and washes well.

The brunette model is 165cm tall and wears a size 8 and is normally a size 8. 

The blonde model is also 165cm tall and 36 weeks pregnant, she is wearing a size 10 and is normally a size 10 when pregnant.